In 2004, Denise K. Gutches successfully launched, DKG Consulting, specializing in comprehensive strategic planning, institutional project management and business management consulting services for small to mid-size non-profit and private organizations. Affording clients a full complement of business and project management services, the firm prides itself on its effectiveness in developing strategic solutions that are easily translated to realistic execution plans, with measurable results from the top-down and the bottom-up.


DKG Consulting optimally leverages its resources by offering clients focused services through the formation of strategic partnerships with professionals in specialized fields of expertise.  Every client and project assignment has its unique characteristics.  These strategic partnerships allow DKG Consulting to provide customized solutions to meet the specific scope and needs of each client.  DKG Consulting’s philosophy is to bridge the gap of management consulting services with our strategic partnerships in areas including information technology, risk management, human resources, and marketing. In creating this client-specific approach, DKG Consulting has lower overhead and is therefore able to minimize its clients’ costs and maximize their results.  DKG Consulting assembles its project management team specific to each client. Team members each specialize in various aspects of strategic planning who then access the client’s needs and allocate strategic partners specifically attuned to that particular client’s needs and goals.


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